Touch Panel Control Systems

PCC designs, integrates, and programs leading configurable control systems for our customers. These systems allow you to manage all of your AV components and room systems—such as lighting, shades, and thermostats—all from an intuitive, single-touch system that creates a synergy that increases functionality, ease of use, and energy savings.

Touch panel control systems enable effective communication in presentation environments ranging from small, single projector classrooms to large-scale entertainment venues. Our custom systems make it easy for IT Departments to support hundreds of rooms through remote management and other features.

Whether you need to control AV presentations, utilize video conferencing, or update digital signage, PCC has a solution to keep you connected. Track your carbon footprint and show off energy savings from an interface in your lobby, book conference rooms directly from Outlook or your web browser, and much more. PCC crafts the solutions that fit your exact needs.

Applications Include:

  • Corporate boardrooms
  • Collaborative meeting spaces, huddle rooms, conference rooms • Smart classrooms, large group instruction rooms
  • University lecture halls
  • Network operation and command centers
  • Courtrooms
  • Broadcast venues