Interactive Technologies

PCC specializes in designing custom, integrated interactive systems that inspire collaboration, foster engagement, and improve performance. Our interactive displays can be optimized for boardrooms, conference rooms, and classrooms for clients in a wide array of sectors. Interactive technology includes components such as:

  • Interactive displays
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Digital signage systems
  • Touch panel control systems

These components provide a highly visual and interactive experience that enables a level of content interaction never seen before. Used in any environment, a hallway, huddle space, meeting room, classroom, or remote location, PCC’s interactive solutions transform the traditional “front-of-the-room” display into a collaborative meeting room or learning center where multiple participants can simultaneously share ideas, solve team-based problems, manipulate images, and edit digital content. In the education sector, PCC’s interactive solutions produce a seamless interaction between teachers, students, and the connected classroom, empowering educators with the most effective classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement. Interactive Digital Signage allows two way exchange and access to relevant information for customers’ increasing engagement with customers. Additionally, new emerging interactive technology with digital signage also enables live video calls with personnel, which enhances communications and promotes collaboration and customer service in a variety of industries including banking, manufacturing, and many more. PCC helps our customers get the most out of their AV systems. Contact us to learn how we can help you.