Digital Signage

Digital Signage Integration

Digital signage refers to a network of customizable digital video displays that are controlled by a computer, allowing you to change your content remotely for targeted messaging. Commonly, these high definition video displays provide employee messaging, entertainment, and general information in venues such as schools and college campuses, banks, manufacturing plants, hospitals, office buildings, museums, casinos, malls, and airports. Today’s Digital Signage technology gives new life to corporate communications, emergency messaging, and safety alerts, directional bulletin boards, directional signage, lobby directories, hall of fame photo directories and campus events.


Where there’s an audience, there’s a way to deliver messages in dynamic new formats.

  1. We can help you determine an appropriate hardware solution for your application.
  2. We can help you with the content creation – a separate service sold as part of our digital signage solution.
  3. We can provide content creation services and content management support service or we can provide operator training, so you have the power to manage the content on-site, remotely, or we can provide a combination of both.

PCC brings experience and knowledge to every conversation. Tap our expertise on the latest digital signage technology and let us create custom solutions for you.

Engage PCC today to design and install a fully integrated digital signage network for your facility that gives you the ability to create and deliver targeted messages that inform, educate, and motivate your audiences.


Leading Manufacturers

We work with the leading manufacturers of digital signage including Omnivex, BriteSign, Visix and Tightrope to provide the hardware to properly convey your message. Our partners can also help you craft compelling messaging that catches the attention of your audience. Together, we’ll captivate passersby or even generate ad revenue on your behalf.