Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

PCC is proud to offer new digital signage hand sanitizer solutions that provide the power of integrating Digital Signage to spread awareness on the importance of hand sanitation and can help improve safety in your facility. Kill germs using the automatic (no-need-to-touch) hand sanitizer kiosk. The digital content in the screen is easily manageable through our online cloud-based digital signage studio. The new line of sleek free-standing and wall mountable hand sanitizing systems ship plug and play, ready to go! The hand sanitizing kiosks comes equipped with an internal auto-dispenser that dispenses gel, foam or liquid sanitizer, and feature a sturdy metal enclosure that is designed to withstand public settings. The built-in commercial grade 21.5” display allows organizations to easily display any combination of announcements, advertisements, videos, slideshows, and media. Contact your PCC sales rep to learn more!