Commercial Sound Solutions

PCC, through its Brown Sound division, specializes in performance audio systems, commercial sound systems and facility-wide communication technology solutions
For nearly 50 years, Brown Sound has been assisting businesses and organizations with designing and installing specialized sound systems to help our customers achieve superior sound quality and increase communication effectiveness.

Because our customers’ needs and room environments differ so much, we usually provide a highly customize solution for each installation taking into account such factors as:

  • Ease of use, since the attendees may not be tech savvy
  • Hi-quality audibility of subject discussion
  • Minimal ambient noise
  • Avoidance of ‘crow’s nest of wires’
  • Future expandability and upgradeability

Brown Sound’s deep expertise in developing custom sound and communication solutions has given us experience and exposure to virtually every type of physical environment for the corporate, education, government, transportation or healthcare.

Whether it is sound system or audio solution for your boardroom, conference room, airport, council chamber, classroom, lecture hall, auditorium, gymnasium or public address system, we help our customers with design and full systems integration for any specialized sound system need or use.

Here is a listing of some of the types of turnkey special sound and commercial communication solutions Brown Sound designs and installs:


  • Boardrooms & Executive Offices Audio Sound Systems
  • Board Room Recording Systems
  • Integrated Conference & Meeting Rooms Audio Sound Systems
  • Multipurpose Spaces & Divisible Rooms Audio Sound Systems
  • Training facilities Sound Systems
  • Auditorium Sound Systems
  • Employee Cafe & Lounge Sound Systems


  • School Communication Solutions
  • Public Address & Paging Systems
  • Public Messaging & Classroom Scheduling
  • Auditorium Sound Systems
  • Cafeteria Sound Systems
  • Gymnasium Sound Systems
  • Football/Baseball/Softball Sound Systems
  • Board Room Audio & Video Presentation Systems
  • Board Room Recording Systems
  • Classroom Audio – Portable and Fixed
  • Lecture Hall Sound Systems
  • Conference & Meeting Room Sound Systems
  • Computer & Science Labs Sound Systems
  • Student Unions & Common Areas Sound Systems
  • Theaters & Performing Arts Centers


  • Fire Departments, Police Departments, Mobile Command Units Communication Systems
  • Airports Public Address & Paging Systems
  • Public Transportation Facility Public Address & Paging Systems
  • Court Rooms Audio & Presentation Systems
  • City Council Chambers Conference System
  • Emergency Operations Centers Sound Systems
  • Public Conference & Meeting Spaces Conference Systems
  • Trade & Convention Center Public Address & Paging Systems


  • Public Address & Paging Systems
  • Code Blue Systems
  • Emergency Duress Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Operating Room Satellite Radio Systems
  • Surgical Suites Sound Systems
  • Conference & Meeting Sound Systems
  • Waiting Rooms & Lounges Sound Systems