We offer training programs that range from basic operational instruction to in-depth end-user and technical user training sessions, complete with custom manuals.

Post-Installation Training

When we install an audiovisual system, we ensure customers know how to operate it. We also discuss innovative ways to use it, so our customers can maximize their investment.

Because everyone has different comfort levels with technology and the systems themselves vary, we define training expectations early on and tailor deliverables to meet your needs.

Professional Development

We offer basic to advanced courses to help you understand and take advantage of the latest technology—even for products not purchased through PCC.

PCC can also provide end-user and administrative training. Throughout our needs analysis, we work with partners and manufacturers to match training to your requirements.

For our customers with Promethean Interactive Systems, we can send a Promethean Certified Trainer or Educational Consultant to discuss Promethean’s Interactive Displays, Software, and Presentation Tools. For other technologies, we customize half or full-day training sessions.

Multiple factors determine the level and types of training necessary, including:

  • Equipment type
  • Remote vs. onsite sessions
  • Number of participants

We also offer manufacturer training and training by manufacturer representatives.

For more information about our training or professional development programs, please call us toll free at (888) 262-7596 ext. 119.