Every day, public safety agencies, first responders, and federal, state, and local governments are challenged with providing a wide array of services to citizens, businesses, and other government agencies; from everyday services to emergency response. When communication, control, and monitoring are mission critical, they need stable communication systems that they can count on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Advanced, integrated audiovisual, specialized sound, and commercial communication systems that support local, state, and federal government agencies, military, police, and fire departments, must be robust, reliable, secure, and serviceable. In many systems, downtime is not an option. Being able to communicate and respond quickly, clearly, and speed up planning, responsiveness, and deployment is vital. Training teams dispersed across remote locations on coordinated tactical implementation requires today’s latest technology. The challenge today for many government agencies has increased as they have to do more, with less. Along with the task of providing so many services, most agencies must strive to reduce operational costs, while increasing their effectiveness and productivity. Over the past two decades, PCC has gained extensive experience in assisting government agencies with just that, while increasing productivity.

PCC provides reliable technology solutions to government agencies, public safety agencies, first responders, and military customers to help address these challenges. Whether you are providing on-going training, communicating critical information between local and remote team members and agencies, reacting to emergency situations, or deploying tactical operations, PCC can provide your agency with a customized audiovisual solution and specialized sound system that will promote accurate, reliable, and secure communications and enhanced training, increase your service effectiveness, improve your responsiveness and productivity, and reduce your travel costs.

Our interactive collaborative solutions for our government customers create a visual environment that is sophisticated yet intuitive, which enable their agencies and remote teams to speed up communication, share ideas, and save time during brainstorming, planning, problem solving, or training sessions to increase productivity, reduce travel cost, and fulfill their green initiatives.