In today’s highly competitive, fast paced and demanding corporate business environment, presentation, communication and collaboration technologies play an essential role in conducting daily business. PCC assists businesses and organizations with designing and installing integrated workspaces and creating communication environments that make it easier to share ideas, resolve business issues, boost productivity, collaborate with your teams, and connect with your customers and suppliers.

Because our clients’ needs and environments differ greatly, each installation is highly customized and considers many factors, including:

  • Ease of use
  • Legibility, visibility, and Hi-quality audibility of subject discussion
  • Minimal ambient noise
  • Avoidance of ‘crow’s nest of wires’
  • Physical comfort
  • Future expandability and upgradeability

Commercial Sound Solutions from PCC for board rooms, conference rooms and meeting spaces can improve audio performance which is integral to increasing productivity and efficiency through effective communication. PCC has deep expertise in the corporate enterprises marketplace developing specialized sound systems and custom communication solutions to help our customers achieve superior sound quality and increase communication effectiveness.

Interactive Technology Solutions from PCC are both sophisticated and ergonomic. They provide a highly visual and interactive experience that enable levels of content interaction never before seen and transform the traditional “front-of-the-room” display into a collaborative meeting room or learning center where multiple participants can simultaneously share ideas, practice team-based problem solving, manipulate images, and edit digital content.

PCC integrates a variety of AV technology to allow for the customer to better communicate among all levels of their organization and externally with their customers and suppliers. This saves time, improves communication, streamlines problem solving, increases productivity, and allows for higher levels of collaboration.

Whether in a hallway brainstorming session, a meeting room, or in a remote location, PCC’s customers have the ability to simply pick up a pen or use their finger to work collaboratively with complex visual data. That way, any of their staff, customers, or suppliers can contribute to a meeting – upending disengagement and freeing knowledgeable workers from unproductive meetings.

Video conferencing solutions today enhance business communications even further, particularly in remote work situations. The benefits of face-to-face meetings are well-documented — people learn twice as much in face-to-face meetings as in voice-only conversations. PCC’s video conferencing solutions integrated with their other AV technology allow our customers to reduce their travel costs, maximize productivity, work efficiently, and collaborate at peak levels with their team members in remote offices, customers, and suppliers.

Digital signage solutions deliver important messages throughout your organization’s facility or work environment. Today’s Digital Signage technology gives new life to corporate communications, emergency messaging and safety alerts, directional bulletin boards, directional signage, lobby directories, hall of fame photo directories, and campus events. PCC will help you determine the appropriate digital signage technology solution to meet your needs and we can provide you content creation services and content management support if required.