Samantha Haun and Presentation Concepts Corporation are the gold standard for 'thoughtful' Audio-Visual design and installation services. There are companies that make you feel like you are a single job, and they want to get it done as fast as they can. And then there are companies like PCC, who work to create life-long partnerships with their customers. PCC knows what my office needs, how we want it installed, and what the final goals are in every room. Samantha is my first call for when we need help

Drew T.

Samantha goes above and beyond to make sure our projects are on time and on budget, ensuring clear consistent communication from start to finish. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in AV than PCC!

Josh M.

Working with PCC has been great. We are a very large organization with a lot of projects, changes and last minute requests. PCC has not only been there for us every step of the way, but has gone up and beyond. Most importantly, everyone at PCC has been great to work with and we have built a great relationship. They are by far our favorite vendor. Great people and work!

Jacob R.

It has been a pleasure to work with PCC. I was told about them form an acquaintance. They have successfully upgraded all my conference rooms at the City and everyone is very pleased with the results. I look forward to more engagements with them in the future. Cannot recommend them enough.

Bill B.

I have been working with PCC for several years on behalf of my employer. We work with PCC on space design, equipment selection and installation. Additionally, PCC services our tech spaces when we have problematic gear. I am pleased with PCCs service insofar as engineering, installation and maintenance requests. They are fair, efficient, thorough and dependable.

Theresa C.

When selecting a vendor, we are looking for a partner. Someone who we can count on to be part of the team. PCC has always treated us as part of their team and communicates effectively to keep us in the loop, works with us to arrive at the best options, and we can always count on them. The quality of service that they provide is not what you get from most vendors.

John M.

I purchase for multiple school districts and have used PCC for many of my orders for Interactive Flat Panels and multi-media equipment. I find them very knowledgeable and helpful with all of my projects. My rep is very responsive and courteous and easy to work with on getting quotes or issues that may arise after the purchase. They always check in with me to see how things are going which I appreciate. I would highly recommend using PCC for any of your needs.

Al L.

PCC was and has been great to work with. They assessed our needs and gave options to best suit our office. Anytime a question has come up they were quick to respond, our company appreciates that, as we need to keep moving forward at all times. I personally appreciate the customer service, that’s important to me and feel that we are important to them.

Michelle B.