Presentation | Communication | Collaboration

PCC, founded in 1997 and based in Syracuse, NY, is a leading technology integrator specializing in audiovisual, performance audio, and commercial sound systems. We take pride in customizing presentation, communication, and collaboration solutions for clients in a range of industries, including business, education, public safety, government, healthcare and more.

PCC is a full-service design/build firm that provides a range of services to customers across New York State:

  • System Design & Engineering
  • Equipment Procurement
  • System Installation & Integration
  • Programming
  • Client Training
  • On-Site Service
  • Maintenance and Support

We customize systems and create solutions by integrating the latest AV components and software to help our customers bring innovation into their business, education, healthcare, or government organization, making it easier to share information and ideas, resolve central business issues, collaborate as teams, improve productivity, and connect with customers.

Brown Sound is a division of PCC

Specializing in Commercial Sound Solutions:

  • Performance audio systems
  • Commercial sound systems
  • School and business communication solutions
  • Public address and paging systems
  • Audio enhancement systems
  • Digital clocks

PCC holds the AV industry’s highest level of technical distinction: AVIXA’s APEx Certification. PCC is one of only 60 AV system integrators worldwide that holds this certification and one of only two based in New York State.